Azuana Games (ALPHA)!

Azuana Games Desktop Preview
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  • Mozilla Firefox, version 52 above
  • Google Chrome, Version 56 above
  • Opera, version 44 and above
  • Apple Safari, version 10.1 and above (Mac Only)

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Azuana Games features many of your favorite table games such as Bingo, Dominoes, Chess and Checkers. These games all feature multiplayer support so you can play against real people from around the world. You can even invite your friends and compete against them!

Our online Bingo features a whopping 12 card mode for the most hardcore of Bingo players. There's even a slot machine in our Bingo rooms you can play on between rounds. Bingo offers auto-daubing as well as hints for players that need a little extra help.

Our online Domino game provides latin style team domino (2v2). In latin style domino you play as teams with different bonuses available depending on the game style.

You'll find these games and more at AzuanaGames, go Play Now!

Please note the game is in Alpha. This means the game is not complete and there are still major features missing or bugs in the game. Your progress may be reset periodically as we test different aspects of the game. Please keep this in mind. You can help us make the game better by providing feedback or reporting bugs, send a message to [email protected].